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Action DENTWOrX are Adelaide’s experts in dent repairs.
We specialise in the repair and removal of minor dents.
Action PDR provide their clients with a professional, cost effective and hassle free service.

Our highly trained technicians have many years of combined experience with extensive skill in repairing all types of dents on most makes and models.

Action DENTWOrX are widely recognised as a leading company within the industry. Our excellent reputation makes us the preferred repairer for many:

  • major car lease and rental companies
  • large car dealerships
  • fleet services
  • private vehicle owners.

Whether you are preparing your car for sale/end of lease, are sick of unsightly dents or simply love your car, Action DENTWOrX are the professionals to call.


Paintless Dent Repair/Removal (PDR) is an innovative process which involves placing specially designed tools behind the dent. Our technicians use the tools to skilfully manipulate and lift the unwanted dent back to its original position.

PDR is a highly specialised art that takes months to learn and many years to master to the highest standard.

Most dents can be repaired within one hour. The PDR process is also free of mess, with no need for filler, paint, priming or sanding. Clients find that PDR saves them over 50% of the cost on traditional crash repair methods, as well as being much quicker and far more convenient.

In most cases dents up to 100mm (palm of your hand) can be repaired back to the original condition. No two dents are ever the same; they may vary in depth, sharpness, position, size, cause, and accessibility. Our professional technicians carefully assess each dent before deciding on the best approach to your particular repair.

PDR can also be used to prepare damaged panels for paint thus reducing the quantity of body filler required and therefore overall repair costs. Whatever your situation our technicians can help you maximise the value and restore the appearance of your vehicle.

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Most single dent repairs can be completed in less than 1 hour. Multiple dents or hail damage will take longer and must be assessed individually.
The majority of dents can be repaired so that no prior damage is noticeable to the naked eye. Some larger dents (over 100mm) can be repaired to a high acceptable standard which will eliminate the need for Crash Repairs or repainting.
The finished repair should be to a very high standard with either no evidence or minimal evidence of the previous damage. Smaller dents can be repaired to 100%. These dents will be repaired with no damage to the paint work.
No. Once repaired the dent will not suddenly reappear, the metal is manipulated back to its original position ensuring the strength is maintained in the panel.
The majority of dents can be repaired, however some dents may be too large, too sharp (where the metal is stretched), have sharp creases, broken paint or the dent is on the very edge of a panel.
Yes, repairing those annoying dents will increase the vehicle value, make it easier to sell and will increase your cars value if trading into a dealer.
No. Our technicians have many years of experience enabling them to repair dents without damaging the paint work.
The minimum cost for a standard repair is usually $100 to $120 (+GST). Should the panel damage be in a roof or you have multiple dents to a panel the cost would be higher. Additional panel repairs are always at a reduced rate of $50 to $60 (+GST) per panel. Our technicians will always discuss the repairs with you and give you a firm quote prior to commencing any repairs.
No, the client does not have to remove any door trims or mouldings. Should this be required the technicians are very experienced with this and will remove and replace the trims or mouldings as part of the repair. Most repairs can be done without the need for any mouldings or trims being removed.
All metal panels on the car can be repaired. We do not repair dents in bumper bars as they are usually made of plastic.
This usually requires the panel to be repaired and repainted with the normal crash repair process. Sometimes a large dent with paint damage can be significantly improved with PDR. This minimises the amount of body filler required to repair the damage, therefore reducing the overall cost of the repair.
Yes, as a mobile business we are able to repair your dents at home or work. This has significant advantages over the traditional repair methods as you are not without your car for 3 or 4 days.
Yes there is a reduced cost for more than one dent repair, please discuss this with us when you enquire.
No, please do not attempt to repair a dent yourself. In most cases if a repair has been attempted by someone without PDR training the panel will require repainting to repair properly. A PDR technician will not be able to repair the dent to 100% as the correct process has not been followed or the correct tools used.


Here are some before and after photos from some of our clients.

Whatever your situation our technicians can help you maximise the value and restore the appearance of your vehicle.


“Action Dentworx helped us by being efficient, cost and time effective by coming to our premises and fixing the dents on site. The result was fantastic, you could not tell any dents were ever there and Action Dentworx has been to our business numerous times to help us out.”

JD Communications

"David is a determined perfectionist. Had a stubborn dent, along with other little ones (unnoticed by us). He persisted, and the car looks great again. Very highly recommended. Thanks very much David."

Lee Cunningham

"I found the professionalism of Action Dentworx to be outstanding and their work to be excellent. I have used them several times over the past few years. I highly recommend Action Dentworx to anyone needing minor dent repairs. They are the experts."

Joe Portolesi